• Shown below are E-books concerning the U-Boats Operations In Asia. (Click on the pdf icon to view the Ebooks)

1. The Penang submarines : Penang and submarine operations: 1942/45 by Dennis Gunton
The first and only book that was comissioned by the City Council of Georgetown, Penang - Malaysia. It is also the ealiest book written about both Japanese , German & Italian submarines operating in Asia during WW2. This book talks extensively about Penang Island as the primary U-Boat base, which was shared with the Imperial Japanese Navy. The relationship between two different axis navies as well as the fate of every Gruppe Monsun - the operational name given to the German U-Boats are also discussed here along with a handdrawn map that details all the U-Boats that was sunk in Asia and enroute from Europe to Penang.
2. Haie im Paradies. Der deutsche U-Boot-Krieg in Asiens Gewässern 1943/45
The quoted book is the most important literature among printed sources dealing with WW2 monsun u-boats and German Far East bases. Originally it has been prepared by raider crew member named Fritz-Ludwig Dechow but in the end it has been published by Jochen Brennecke. The contents of the book is nearly 100% the same except for some minor mis-spells of names (such as Admiral Wennecker (= wrong) instead of Admiral Wenneker, or Cpt Ehrhardt (= wrong) instead of Cpt Erhardt). Unfortunately it contains a lot of navy "slang" of the '30s and '40s which is even for German language native speakers (young generation) difficult to read and understand nowadays. -- Reviewed by Axel Dörrenbach.
3. Die Abenteuer des letzten Kapers, Hilfskreuzer Thors Reise in die Katastrophe
This out of print book has over 200 pictures that chronicles the history of this german auxiliary cruiser from its journey in Germany all the way to its destruction in Japan. Self published by Heinz Tischer in 1983, this is the definitive illustration book on this cruiser.
4. Unter Nippons Sonne. Deutsche U-Boote, Blockadebrecher und Basen in Fernost 
Kern des Buches ist die Geschichte des U-Bootes "U-843", weiterhin Berichte über Blockadebrecher und Versorgungsschiffe im fernen Osten, sowie die Zusammenarbeit mit dem damaligen verbündeten Japan.  Sprache: Deutsch - von Egbert Thomer (Autor), Oskar Herwartz (Mitwirkende) Nach Aufzeichnungen und Berichten von Fregattenkapitän Oskar Herwartz. - Minden, Wilhelm Köhler Verlag, 1959.